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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts, School of the Art Institute of Chicago – Chicago, Ill.

Solo Exhibitions


Dirty Weekend; The Malfunction of Sameness: Houska Gallery; St. Louis, MO


Kit & Ace: St. Louis, MO


Unconsciously Conscience: SOHA Studio and Gallery; St. Louis, MO


All the Art on the Floor: SOHA Studio and Gallery; St. Louis, MO

Twenty Versions of Us: Space Architectural Design Studio; St. Louis, MO


The Way We Live: Space Architectural Design Studio; St. Louis, MO


Works by Peter Manion: Xen Gallery; St. Louis, MO


Couch Art: KROMA Contemporary Living; St. Louis, MO

Group Exhibitions


Imagery of Chess, World Chess Hall of Fame; St. Louis, MO

Lot 49, The Luminary; St. Louis, MO

Wall Ball, ArtScope, St. Louis, MO


En La Noche, El Convento de Santa Clara de la Columna del Siglo XV; Belalcazar, Spain

Serendipity: Art St. Louis; St. Louis, MO

Lot 49: The Luminary; St. Louis, MO


HOME: SOHA Studio and Gallery; St. Louis, MO


St. Louis Creates, Works By Local Artists: St. Louis University Museum of Art; St. Louis, MO

Art St. Louis 30: Art St. Louis Gallery; St. Louis, MO


HoHo Holiday Show: SOHA Studio and Gallery; St. Louis, MO

Under the Influence: Art St. Louis, St. Louis, MO


SOHA HoHo Show: SOHA Gallery and Studio; St. Louis, MO

Urban Wanderers: St. Louis University Museum of Art; St. Louis, MO


Reclaim, Restore, Recover: Kranzberg Arts Center; St. Louis, MO

*Judge and curator; Olivia Lahs-Gonzales. Received Judges Award of Merit. Benefit for Harris House Treatment and Recovery Center


Untitled: Zephyr Gallery; Louisville, KY


Two person exhibition: Trees & Muck: Zephyr Gallery; Louisville, KY


Two person exhibition: Mixed Messages; Zephyr Gallery; Louisville, KY


Unknown: Gallery 312; Chicago, IL.

*Jurors: Irene Siegel, Bob Thall, Tony Tasset and Joan Bickison


BFA Thesis Exhibition: School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Chicago, IL



CAM Open Studios: Contemporary Art Museum; St. Louis, MO

Artist Residency


Vermont Studio Center |September|


La Fragua; Belalcazar, Spain |July|

Awards and Recognition

Art Saint Louis, Award of Excellence in the Under the Influence; St. Louis, MO

Kranzberg Arts Center, Judges Award of Merit; St. Louis, MO

Ongoing Gallery Representations

Rider For Life: Chicago, IL

Houska Gallery: St. Louis, MO

Road Gallery: New York, NY

Frill Home:  St. Louis, MO



2011-2015  St. Louis Language Immersion School: St. Louis, MO- Chair and Curator,

Juried Art Exhibition Fundraiser: Language of My Dreams (2013-2014)

Soirée Committee Member and Volunteer (2011-2013)

Volunteer Drawing Class Instructor (2011-2012)

2002 – 2010 Apellas Studios, Inc. Founder and Owner, Historic Rehab General Contracting; St. Louis, MO


Articles, Reviews, & Interviews

Eileen G'Sell, "St.Louis Artist Peter Manion Returns To Making After 10-Year Hiatus", Alive Digital Magazine, December 2017

Peter Manion, Laurel Panella: In Suspension”, All The Art: St. Louis, MO.- June 2017

“The World Chess Hall of Fame Revisits The Imagery of Chess with Local Artists”, HEC-TV, March 2017

Shannon Bailey, Curator Talk with Peter Manion:Chief Curator World Chess Hall of Fame Museum, St. Louis, MO. 2016

Jacob Laws, “Art to Watch-Up and Coming St.Louis Artist”, Cure Design Group Blog: St. Louis, MO- September 19, 2013   

Melissa Mauzy, “Urban Enclave”: Saint Louis Home and Lifestyle; St. Louis, MO- September 1, 2013

Sarah Harford, “Finding a Meaning Outside of the Frame”: Art Saint Louis/Art Dialogue; St. Louis, MO- November 2013

Andrew Walker, "The Way We Live: An interview with Peter Manion": Amon Carter Museum of American Art; Fort Worth, TX- February 3, 2012    

Elizabeth Harris Krasnoff, Peter Manion III: His artwork showcases internal battles, The St. Louis Beacon – St. Louis, MO- August 28, 2012   

Andrew Walker, Twenty Versions of Us, Amon Carter Museum of American Art:Fort Worth, TX-February 2013

Victoria Gritton, “Subconscious Messages”, The Leo, Louisville, KY- June 4, 1997

Bruce Nixon, Trees & Muck, The Leo, Louisville, KY- November 4, 1998

Institutional Collections

World Chess Hall of Fame- Saint Louis, MO.

Commonwealth Bank – Louisville, Ky.

Dowd & Dowd P.C. – St. Louis, MO.

LaSalle Bank – Chicago, Ill.  

Saint Louis University Museum of Art – St. Louis, MO.

Westin Hotels – St. Louis, MO.

Private Clientele and Collectors

Brad Alford- Fort Worth, TX

Elizabeth Banks- St. Louis, MO

Claudia & Joe Bartholomew- St. Louis, MO

Aaron Beard- St. Louis, MO

Cory Berg- St. Louis, MO

Megan & Joe Bittle- St. Louis, MO

Catherine Breville- St. Louis, MO

Rhonda Broussard- St. Louis, MO

Aaron Bunse- St. Louis, MO

Zachary Clark- St. Louis, MO

Brian & Deanna Corrigan- St. Louis, MO

Kelly & Todd Crabtree- St. Louis, MO

Amy De La Hunt- St. Louis, MO

Amy & bill Drummond- St. Louis, MO

Kat Dunne & Scott Intagliata- St. Louis, MO

Carol Dyer & Didier Hodzic- St. Louis, MO

Katarina Eggman- Brooklyn, NY

Christine & Brian Elsesser- St. Louis, MO

Jon Gayman- St. Louis, MO

Michael T. Harrison- St. Louis, MO

Jennifer & Tim Hertel- St. Louis, Mo

Amy & Matt Huff- St. Louis, MO

Jeff Kapfer- St. Louis, MO

Tricia Kinman- St. Louis, MO

Denise King & Mike Mullen- St. Louis, MO

Livie & Jeff Konkel- St. Louis, MO

Heather & Jim Lake- St. Louis, MO

Jacob Laws- St. Louis, MO

Matt & Angela Levenson- St. Louis, MO

Linda & Matt Lowenstein- St. Louis, MO

Paige McClellan- St. Louis, MO

Julie Malone- St. Louis, MO

Kelly & John Marksbury- St. Louis, MO

Marci & Tom Marsh- St. Louis, MO

Dawn Nash & Michelle March- St. Louis, MO

Byron Pelt & Sean Elliott- St. Louis, MO

Julie Piatchek & Shane Nelson- St. Louis, MO

Kate Riney- Los Angeles, CA

Barbara Richter- Cape Hatteras, NC

Albert & Nancy Rose- St. Louis, MO

Rachel & Brian Siebert- St. Louis, MO

John Soucy- St. Louis, MO

Jeanne & Todd Staley- St. Louis, MO

Bianca Taxman- New York, NY

Eric Thoelke- St. Louis, MO

Dean Van Meter & Kyle West- St. Louis, MO

Andrew Walker- Trenton, N.J

Greg Williamson & Steve Richardson- St. Louis, MO

Marlene Wilson- St. Louis, MO

Kathy & Joel Zadak- St. Louis, MO